Seeing Beauty in the Everyday

I’ve always been interested in looking for and finding beauty in the everyday, the mundane.

However, with everything going on this year it feels even more important to look around us, to study where you live and look for those little spots of beauty. Whether it’s a bunch of dried flowers in a vase, a textured and decaying wall or a bright colour amongst muted tones in nature – there is beauty everywhere.

I use my phone as a visual sketchbook. When I see something that looks interesting I tend to just grab my phone and snap away. I hate the thought that I might miss something of interest or beauty right under my nose and not have anything to capture it with, or have the opportunity to see it again.

I also find myself looking at things in an odd way (I’m sure many people do this though….) I kind of frame things in my head and crop out the edges of a scene, or things I don’t want to include. I like to think that even a small object/element that doesn’t initially appear beautiful could be beautiful, if shot in a different way, or looked at differently amongst different light.


It’s usually colour that grabs my attention. I find I am always on the look out for colour combinations and colour really IS everywhere.

These photos were taken in some very random places.

The acidic greens came from an old butlers sink that was mouldy and full of mildew, but look how beautiful! The colours were SO striking.

The blues of the old fisherman’s ropes were so lovely and stood out against the softer neutrals of the shingles, as well as creating a lovely contrast in tones.

And the colours of the decaying wallpaper was found on a visit to a derelict Georgian mansion that completely blew my mind and resulted in about 10,000 more photos!


As well as colour, I also look out for a composition of something that just needs to be captured because it is beautiful. Whether that’s a shadow, a blurred accidental photograph or an element in nature that just seems like it’s framed perfectly, that it was made to be photographed. It is something that feels like it is already a piece of art.

I think I love the staithes at Morston Quay so much because they create a frame to an image in my head, they anchor the scene that I am photographing, and then go on to anchor my paintings. Morston Quay is a piece of art in itself; I just want to paint my own version.

So, if nothing else, when you next go for a walk look for something new, the section of beauty in an otherwise ugly scene. There will be beauty out there and once you find it, it’ll inspire!

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