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Paintings by Bethany Holmes

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Bethany works (Woo Commerce)
Bethany Categories
Framed 24cm x 24cm Mixed Media on Board
Framed 24cm x 24cm Mixed Media on Board
Love & Confusion
50cm x 50cm Framed 57cm x 57cm
Understanding new Beginnings
120cm x 100cm Acrylic & Pastel on Canvas
Time to Breathe
119cm x 89cm Framed 124cm x 94cm
Finding Time
200cm x 120cm Framed 205cm x 125cm Acrylic, Oil Stick...
120cm x 100cm Acrylic, Oil Stick & Pastel on Canvas
Broken, but so in Love
15cm x 15cm Framed 33cm x 33cm Acrylic & Oil...
The Beautiful Chaos
150cm x 120cm Acrylic & Oil Stick on Canvas
Living on little Sleep
60cm x 60cm Framed 70cm x 79cm
The Long Days
162cm x 100cm Framed 167cm x 105cm Acrylic & Pastel...
The Greens of Spring
14.5cm x 14.5cm 33.5cm x 33.5cm Acrylic & Oil Pastel...

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