Postcard Exhibition

Well wasn’t that fantastic?!

I just wanted to say a little thank you to everyone who bought one (or a few) of my postcards, from the wonderful Postcard Exhibition, with Highgate Contemporary.

The response was fantastic and so touching. Everyone was so kind and I couldn’t quite believe how quickly my work sold. So thank you all for your continued support!

There is something so wonderful about working to this smaller scale. I find it very inspirational.

My page is smaller but my materials and the way I work stays the same. I like to keep the movements free and loose.

I do actually find working to this scale very freeing. I think it’s because within seconds the painting can change. It can dry quickly, and it can then be changed quickly.

The opposite to that is when I’m working on a larger canvas piece. My movements are more thought about, and the space that surrounds a mark is larger, and takes more time to fill. I have to step back continually when painting a larger piece. Everything takes more time and each mark is more of a risk, where as on these smaller pieces I have no inhibitions, anything can happen and that’s fine!

So, now it’s all over (it was anonymous) I can share my 15 small postcard pieces. I absolutely love the pieces. Every single one has such a personality and energy to it. Enjoy!

This exhibition was also a fantastic exhibition to purchase a few pieces myself…

Beautiful ceramics by the very talented Robert Hunter & Borja Moronta.

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