Ever Changing: A New Body of Work & Exhibition

Ever changing represents so much. It is a body of work that has been on-going for almost a year now. Not only the beauty that is the ever-changing seasons, weather, light & shadow, but also the ever-changing emotions that go alongside the creative process.

It has been so difficult at times, a fight between artist and canvas. Some pieces came together so easily, a beautiful flow from within. Whilst others were a struggle, a battle of emotions and frustration.

So much of myself has gone into these pieces. More so than ever I would say.

A combination of artist’s block and external emotional factors played such a big part in these paintings.

The palette that ties this body of work together is hopeful. An overriding emotion I had whilst working on these pieces. It felt wonderful to bring back my warmer palettes of deep pinks, soft oranges and sunny yellows.

Colour plays such a huge part in my work, and I always find it so interesting to see what colours come from within to create new work. This palette is varied, but acidic greens, and hints of burnt orange feature in nearly every piece. I also notice how much the bluer palette crept in without me even noticing.

I find it fascinating to see how this palette has developed since my last body of work ‘Beyond Now’. Those paintings were painted in the last 6 months of 2020 and you can really see how the external factors affected this work. A much more limited palette, feeling the restraints of the world around me at the time.

I explored painting on raw unstretched canvas for this body of work. It had a wonderful freedom to it. It allowed me to not be hemmed in by the edge of the canvas, as there was no edge, it was continuous.

‘A moment in Time’ really reflects this approach to painting. At the time I was getting frustrated with various stretched canvas pieces. I unrolled my raw canvas and just had fun. It feels fresh, loose and expressive. It captures everything I wanted to capture, the freedom, the need for positivity and hope.

I also created ‘From Gloom to Grace’ and ‘Quite Voice of Spring’ in the same way.

Ever Changing is a continuing body of work. I do not feel that my journey with this title is complete yet. I hope to launch more paintings later in the year that have continued to explore my voyage with this work. A voyage of hope, of believing that better times are coming & happiness will prevail.

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All paintings are on show at Chesney’s in Chelsea, London as part of a solo exhibition.

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