Autumn Skies

This time of the year is always quite a busy one for me and this year is no exception. It’s always lovely to be busy and preparing for exhibitions, but this autumn I felt like I needed some new inspiration, something exciting to bring back to the studio.

Whilst out on my many dog walks though, inspiration came. As the season changes and we go from autumn to winter the skies are just incredible. Everyday the colours are beautiful. The palettes are so soft and yet so striking. The marks made by the clouds are so spontaneous and yet so balanced, an abstract painting stretching out before my eyes.

I don’t live in a hilly area, the fields behind my studio stretch out for miles and in some ways I long for a few mountains and hills to pop up. However when the skies look like this, it feels like the just encompass you, it’s beautiful.

Where do I begin painting these though? As an artist these images excite me and inspire me. I keep bringing these visuals back to the studio though but I don’t quite know where to start. Painting clouds and skies is quite different for me, I’m usually drawn to a seascape or a hill, so we will see how this one goes!

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