About Bethany

Colour has become the driving force behind Bethany’s paintings. Colour leads the way. Every painting has a new palette and Holmes perceives the world through colour. Colour creates shape and form in Bethany’s eyes, creeping into her sub conscious and then emerging onto canvas.

More recently Bethany’s work has been affected by the challenges and experiences of becoming a new mother. Her work has become more empowered and confident, the personal questions that arise from motherhood having a profound effect. Gestural and emotive marks come together. A battle between surface, paint and Bethany’s eye, creating an unexpected balance in composition. A visceral reaction to colour.

Colour is Bethany’s passion and her palettes over time have changed and developed. Her work has a constant energy and a beautiful rhythm to it, inspired by the changing seasons. If lacking inspiration, the fields & beautiful vast skies that surround the studio give constant inspiration

Bethany has gallery representation throughout the UK and has work in many private collections in Norway, Hong Kong & the US.

‘My work and the way I paint is my way of responding to what is going on around us. I seek comfort in painting, to get what is in my head, out and onto canvas. I believe that every painting should be an experiment and an experience. Every painting should push my boundaries and force myself out of my comfort zone. Only then will it be the best it can possibly be’.

Planning the destination of a painting would impair the outcome. Each painting has its own journey. The excitement for Bethany is in the journey, exploring colour, scale and personal emotion. An escape from the everyday. Every painting is created to provoke a response for both the artist and the viewer.

Bethany was born in Wales and educated in England. Following a foundation diploma specialising in Print, Bethany graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a BA in Textile Design. Bethany has gallery representation throughout the UK and has work in many private collections, including Norway, Hong Kong & the US. Bethany has had two solo shows, as well as participating in many group shows across the country, with work shown by Eastwood Fine Art, Silson Contemporary and Highgate Contemporary. Holmes’s artwork has also been commission for the King’s Road Chesneys showroom where a body of work is currently on display.

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