A little studio update…

How is it nearly September already?? I feel like I say that about every month!? However this summer has FLOWN by and my time in the studio has been limited.

After my little break in Cornwall, I went back to Devon 2 weeks later to run my art retreat. After 4 days in Devon I drove back and had 2 days in Nottingham. I then flew to Edinburgh for a family wedding and once this was over I was off to Norfolk for some much needed inspiration. After 2 days in Norfolk I was down to Dorset, then back to Devon!

After nearly 8 weeks of commuting all around the UK for both business and pleasure I am finally home and back in the studio! I’m not complaining as I’ve had a fantastic summer filled with wonderful opportunities and amazing memories…but WOW! It was time to just get back into a routine and get back to painting.

All this time away from the studio has brought a LOT of creativity though. I found not being able to paint meant I was banking SO much inspiration. Knowing that by the end of August I would finally have a chunk of time in the studio meant I could really plan what I wanted to achieve once back in there.

I ordered new boards, new paints and new brushes whilst on my various travels, which only got me more excited about my return. Painting is my release and to not get stuck into any real paintings for over 7 weeks was hard.

However I’m now back and spent the last week and long bank holiday in the studio and thought I’d share a few sneak peaks at what’s happening!

My general colour palette has shifted. My usual go to pale pinks, soft greys and yellows has shifted. I’m going for the dirty teals, soft blue hues and deeper greys. I’m also finding myself being drawn to water more and more. I know It won’t last forever as I’ m a landscape girl really, but at the moment I’m enjoying painting the movement of water and the depth of the reflections.

This slight shift in my inspiration is thrilling and I’m loving being back in the studio. For an artist a buzz like this could disappear at any point so I’m trying to make the most of it and capture what I can on board and canvas before it goes!

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